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          • 分類:浸滲工藝
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          Infiltration is widely used as a way to deal with pores. In the field of micropore sealing technology, compared with the thickness of 5mm casting wall, we call the hole with diameter below 0.254mm microhole. These holes are usually invisible to the naked eye. In automotive power system and pneumatic hydraulic system castings, the existence of micropores will lead to leakage of sealed media, increase the wear of machining tools, and increase production costs, so that the quality of products is difficult to be guaranteed. In the process of using the product, it will lose its due function.

          Vacuum pressure infiltration equipment is an effective way to solve the above problems. The permanent and reliable micropore sealing ability of the infiltration agent and the effective solution to the leaching of castings have been widely trusted worldwide. And can resist heat, oil, chemical erosion. This process can be applied to raw materials and machined parts. It will not lead to size change or casting contamination.

          Infiltration range: suitable for: zinc alloy, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, cast iron, cast steel and other leakage leakage infiltration. Typical impregnation parts such as engine cylinder block, cylinder head, intake manifold, oil pump, nozzle, pump, valve cover, casting the oil pan, carburetor, gearbox shell, shell, compressor crankcase, ABS controller, power steering gear, automobile wheel hub, fuel pump, gas control valves, hydraulic valves, cooling pump, seal aircraft instruments, and electronic instruments and shield, and a variety of air brake parts Gas meter, etc. These castings are permanently sealed by the injection of leaching agent into micropores, and their bearing capacity reaches the fracture strength of the casting.

          Impregnation principle: impregnation (impregnation), also called leaching, infiltration. Through the vacuum pressure infiltration equipment, the infiltration glue (infiltration agent) is fully penetrated into the micro hole of the workpiece, filling the micro hole gap, effectively prevent the leakage of the workpiece


          The company will continue to improve the production process and quality of products, and continue to develop new products to maintain market competitiveness. Is moving in the direction of the modern enterprise with time. "Sincere, pragmatic, high quality, efficient" for the purpose of the enterprise, dedicated to serve people from all walks of life.


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